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Vanda orchid

Orchid colors are blue, red, purple and more

They are popular for growing indoor and outdoor, if in a warm climate, they can also be fixed to a tree, but not on the weather side.

Practically all have beautiful colors such as blue, red, purple, yellow and other, they are quite easy to handle, they are some of the most popular orchids due to the flower shape and colors. 

The vanda orchid family consists of about 80 different species and countless variants of hybrids, actually vanda hybrids are the flower seen today. They grow from the tip of the plant and are found in tropical climate plus almost everywhere via the orchid nursery where they are bred as hybrids. Thailand is a country where lots of marvelous flowers are grown in gardens and nurseries. On the wild side they grow on trunks and branches of rain forest trees, mangroves and sometimes rocks.  They grow in clusters along the stem and are a long-lasting flower

This plants need sunlight, at least 3 to 4 hours daily in order to give a nice flower.  Steady watering is mandatory, humidity, some

Vanda Pink
Vanda Pink, in  some different languages, орхидея ванда and in German


fertilizer plus some soil or compost and the flower will make you happy with great and colorful flower. Hang them in a wooden basket with almost no soil over the roots, what they need they take from the air and if you give them some more - like Madonna sing- they are happy and make you happy. The proper temperature for optimal growth and flowering is above 25 degrees Celsius.

Vanda orchid plants

need some extra food if grown indoor, for the correct mix of fertilizer ask the flower shop you buy them since there hundreds of different hybrids.

This orchids grow relatively quick and give you the pleasure of a great flowering when proper care is taken. Fertilizer should be used about once a week for proper feeding. Keep the temperature above 20 degrees Celsius, and make sure there is plenty of air circulation under warm conditions. There are over 25,000 orchids species, in general they are some of the oldest flowers species on earth they have been here for over 100 

Purple Vanda in a garden
Vanda orange
Vanda flower orange
Vanda Orchid Plant
Vanda Violet
Vandas Picture
Vandas purple
Red vanda orchids look good

million years. They have a somehow unique look due to their geometric and quite huge flower plus the color variants. This are great in house plants and many people use them there and also outside in a tropical climate because they are a real feast for the eyes once their flower is open.

If you are in a tropical region visit a orchid nursery such as this orchid nursery in Phuket Thailand, the Singapore orchid garden and other.

A Vanda orchid is quite elegant looking and could be used for many purposes. This orchids in cut a flower arrangements are real beautiful.

There are many variants in particular in terms of the color that you will have quite a choice when it comes to colors and don't worry, you can easily find resources telling you exactly what to do to raise them in your house. Just look through this website and the links.

Many nurseries have them since they look real great and if you have a look around you easily find the right one with the right color for you, you could either take them as cut flowers or put them in the pot. The cut flower will last about a month with proper care, especially in a colder climate, means cut the stem every two days a little and put it back into the wet.

This plant in the pot will last several years. In any case since they are widely available this days even when disaster strikes and your great plant would pass away you can always go in the flower shop or nursery and get a new one for a few dollars.

There are also books and online resources that will help you to learn about orchids and their requirements. There are many other types of orchids just look through our website.

Blue vanda orchid species

grow in the lower regions of the Himalayas between about 600m and 1300m. Today they grow as hybrids in almost every good tropical garden or nursery or indoor at colder climates.

Vanda cut orchid flowers
Cut orchid picture
Yellow Vanda
Picture of yellow plant
Orchid picture
Blue vanda and other plants in a nursery in Thailand



A Vanda orchid

is usually placed in a wooden basket with only minimal or no soil over the roots since they take most what they need from the air. Once per week water them with some fertilizer and you will be quite happy with your plants. They are great in house plants and a feast for the eyes once their flower has open up.

They also look attractive as cut flower arrangements and stay nice quite a while, usually 2 - 4 weeks if you treat them well. In  particular cut the stem a little every few days, slice it off and put the flower back into the container or vase, it's a great composition with beautiful colors and shapes. To make a photo or video in a orchid nursery its like being in a sea of colors.

Vanda Orchids
Red orchids in pots in a nursery

A Blue orchid is very special are as you can see at the images of vandas at right, the plants are in a small wooden basket and grow marvelous. Almost all colors of the rainbow are within the color spectrum, blue, red, purple, green, yellow, orange and variants of.

Yellow Vanda orchids Vanda orchid picture
 Yellow vanda care Vanda flowers Red Vanda
Pink vanda hybrids vanda care Purple vanda
Purple plants

These are some of the most beautiful plants

on the planet a great creation of nature. Considering the shapes and colors they are somehow a symbol of beauty, exotic and beautiful. It is widely believed that lilies are the next relatives of this group of flowers, they are also gorgeous.

They are really outstanding in terms of aesthetic and full, rich colors and very popular as wedding bouquets, a great gift and excellent decoration, today is quite easy because of cultivation as hybrids, this is big business today.


Blue vanda
Blue vanda and purple plus others

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